Monday, March 23, 2009


We had a nice weekend. The kids were wonderful!

Ethan was a little sick on Saturday. His stomach hurt. He didn't eat all day. We did t-ball on Saturday. He hit a lot better. Having the tee here at home has really helped. Next we need to set up the bases so he can practice that here too. It was so cute watching them all run around and get mixed up on where to go. Yesterday we went to a friend of mines house for a nice outside play date. The kids played so well together. Brooke even ventured away from my leg for a little while and went to play. Ethan was still out of it though. He ate a little more Sunday. Now currently he is laying on the couch however, and has dark circles under his eyes. He said he didn't want to go to school which is a first for him. He usually wants to go no matter what.

Saturday i even got away for a little bit. Shocking.....i know! It was nice, my friend Renee and I went to eat at a mexican place which is really cheap. We then went to the used book store in Banks Crossing and talked books which was so nice. We did a little window shopping and then i knew i had better get home. So, maybe i will get out again in about 6 months, lol. No, my goal for 2009 is to get out more and have more me time. I defiantly felt refreshed though, even being away for just 2 hours. Out doing what i wanted. Not just grocery shopping by myself. it is still a task for home. I was out doing me stuff. I need to do that more.

So, hopefully this is a good week. During spring break i am going to talk to the parents of the kids i watch and let them know i can only do 2 days a week instead of 3. I think that it is why mine are acting out and i think 2 is all i can handle right now.

Happy Monday!