Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can i get some scream with my coffee

Is there something in the water? Or maybe in the air? My kids have been so darn whiney! They have been crying and screaming about everything. And fighting with one another. Even if you take them outside, they are finding something to argue about. And its making for a very stressed mommy to be putting kids in time out over and over and over. And breaking up fight after fight. Its gorgeous weather, be happy kids!! A friend of mine said hers are the same. She sounds about like i do when we get on the phone. I don't think we can say a full sentence before hearing a kid scream, cry or something. I did get a small break saturday night. The kids stayed at my parents so alex could take me out. I didn't get 24 hours away and they came home cranky! LOL. So, with all this whinning, i have really set the rule in motion to use your words! Otherwise your in timeout! Then of coarse Ethan being older has been back talking. I guess he is using his words, right. ;o)

Ethan starts t-ball on thursday. I am so excited. He is too of coarse. Brooke has been talking up a storm! She is either crying or talking my head off. Hoping i can find a mute button soon. She speaks full sentences too. Its crazy. She always includes the name of the person she is talking to also. She will need an unlimited plan on her cell phone when she is a teen.

This weekend we are heading to Alabama! I have never been there. The kids, my mother in law, and i are going to auburn or montgomery to meet up with Alex's sister who is in the navy. Ethan worships the ground his aunt KK walks on and he hasn't seen her since January. Even though she has been in the Navy i think 2 years this september, he has never gone more then a month or 2 without seeing her. So he is triple excited.....t-ball, grammy, and KK!!

Happy tuesday!


Libby said...

I know how you feel...we are going through the same thing! Wes is either REALLY good......or really naughty!
We invited Carley and Abby over yesterday, and I think Wes cried the whole time, fighting over everything Carley touched. As soon as she left, he was completely fine...ugh!