Thursday, March 12, 2009

Right Toe Wolfe

Tuesday was Alex's day off. It didn't go as he planned. As i mentioned in the previous post, the kids are off the wall right now! Fighting, whinning and so on. So, at about 7:00 am Brooke got mad at Ethan b/c he was playing with a toy she wanted. I was getting Ethan's lunch ready. The kids were fighting, crying and yelling at one another. Alex hopped out of bed to see what was going on in Ethan's room. Brooke had hit Ethan so he was bringing her to time out and came around the corner and hit his right pinky toe. He thought maybe he just stubbed it, but was never able to walk on it. While we know there isn't much you can do for a broken toe, we headed to the ER anyway. His toe was pointing in the wrong direction. So, we wanted it to heal properly and make sure it didn't need to be popped back into place. Luckily somehow we got on the fast track at the ER. The place was packed but we got through in about 2 hours! That has got to be a record or something, lol.

So, Alex is home a few days. He is like having another kid, lol. Poor guy can't put any pressure on his right foot. He is out of work until saturday. It is nice having him here to have someone to talk to. Since that's about all he can do right now, lol. Hopefully he will start to feel better today.

I will do my best to post pics tomorrow, Ethan starts t-ball tonight! I will have 4 kids ALL day tomorrow so i will do my very best to find time to do it. My body finally feels better since i slept. I don't think i have sat the last few days between taking care of alex and kids. I will get to sit saturday on our way to alabama!