Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Man at T-ball

Ethan started T-Ball thursday. Right now practices are once a week. He was inlove with the field. He loved everything about it. I was such a proud mommy of him too. To brag, right now when they played a mini game, Ethan was the only one who ran to get the ball when someone hit it off the tee. He knew to hold the ball up and then threw it straight to the couch. Ethan has great hand eye cordination. He does 100 piece puzzles now by himself. Hey, its my blog i can brag if i want! The coach was also very impressed by his throw. He kept saying, wow this one has an arm on him! Now, Ethan was wonderful at catching and throwing, but just so you don't think he is great at it all, he really really needs work when it comes to batting. Hopefully this weekend while we are in Augusta we can find Ethan a t-ball set so he can practice. He is left handed, but either side he was kinda awkward. He had a t-ball set, but the sin dried it out and it cracked. I am sure a little practice with a real bat and not a plastic bat will help him. Either way, Ethan was in his glory out there and loved ever moment. Enjoy the rest of the pics :o) Oh and out plans changed from Alabama to going down to grammys. Aunt KK could not get off, so we are heading to grammys. And she is taking us to a hibati grill. This will be the 1st time the kids have been to one. I know Ethan will love the guy cooking in front of him, hoping Brooke doesn't cry b.c it scares her. Have a great weekend! its all rain for us!

Ethan in the dug out with his team

Doing the happy dance i guess

Cathcing the ball from the coach

Waiting for a ball in the outfield


Sarah said...

I love the pics! Thanks for sharing! He does look like he's in his element out there! Perhaps you have the next Babe Ruth on your hands! :)