Friday, March 20, 2009

Rotten children/Twiiter

So, i joined Twitter to check it out. If you wanna add me, user name is WolfeMama2 Let me know your name. I guess basically you just post random thoughts through text message or online. I am willing to try it out. I guess you are suppose to follow friends/family. Lets you know what they are doing. I am following Kelly Ripa. I love her and i knew her comments during her day will have to be hilarious.

Anyway, i have been meaning to blog about my wonderful kids, but can i be truthful.....they have been awful this week. LOL. Seriously.......what has gotten into them. Brooke has been having the WORST temper tantrums. I mean, screaming, hitting walls, kicking walls and so on. Over anything and everything. She is in time out right now at least 5 times a day. I am so glad i dyed my hair, or you would see all the grey hairs i grew this week. Ethan...he has a mouth on him lately. We have been discussing respect with him all week. He has been mouthing off. He has spent a lot of time in time out also and has lost video games for the week. Why can't i have one good this week??? I don't think we have seen anything cute this week to counter act all the stress! I am sure it has been there, i just have not seen it.

Also, sleep has been non existent this week. I swear they are worse then newborn babies! Brooke is getting me up way to early. I have even tried skipping naps and putting her to bed later. Nope, 5 AM she is up. it doesn't help having to babysit then with 4 kids, no sleep. Then my hubby complains when i got to bed early b/c i don't spend time with him. So, my hours are whacked out right now. After our tax money comes, i think i need a vacation with Alex away from this house with just him. Have a few nights of sleep, being able to sleep in.

Ok, Better get back to Brooke. She is watching Popeye. She is on a Popeye kick right now. That is cute, i guess. :o)