Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zoo and upcoming vacation

I have been meaning to post and put some pics up, but last week my laptop died! ugh. so i am on my old desktop with NO memory on it. so i cant upload pics until we do some major cleaning on the computer.

Summer has been going good. We have had a lot of playdates and have been staying really busy. Which is good. The days we stay home all day the kids normally fight like crazy.

Over the past week and a half we have turned Brooke's bedroom into a playroom. The kids are sleeping in Ethan's room. This is working out good. They have been sleeping together anyway since about march just b/c they want to. I like it b/c no toys come out of the playroom and is making keeping the house picked up a little easier for me.

Yesterday was took a trip to the Columbia zoo (RiverBank Zoo). We had a great time. We took pics the old fashioned way, a disposable camera so hopefully within the month i can get pictures up of it. The kids loved it though. The penguins were one of the kids favorites. We saw our first 3D show, including it was my first 3D show. It was really cool!

Now we are counting down days until we head to virginia beach. Have i mentioned Alex's sister bought a house by the beach? Yeah, we just might move in for the summer. LOL. After that we are heading to New York for the 4th of July. We are so excited and way overdue for a fun filled vacation!

Oh well, gonna go watch the simpsons with the kids. Its our sunday night ritual. Then bed time for us all! We are all pooped from our weekend at the zoo and Grammy's!