Sunday, June 7, 2009

1 month of Wii Fit---Review

I have had the Wii Fit 1 month tomorrow. Do i like it, YES. Can i tell a differance, YES! I had hoped to see a little more change by now then i have, but i am not complaining. My weight goes up and down everyday. Tomorrow was my deadline to reach 125 lbs. I wont make it :o( Partly b/c i am stopped up if you know what i mean. So that is added weight. The highest i weighed was the day i started of coarse. the lowest i have been was 126 which was nice, but i think it was b/c i had been outside in the heat cleaning the car then came in to workout so i probably sweat a lot. Hoping by July i will be to where i want to be. I am not looking to be prebaby weight. I just want to get toned up.

What i like about the Fit:
  • custimizable workout
  • the option to watch TV while you run or during step arobics
  • the convience of being home....especially with the kids
  • it fits into my schedule well
  • the kids like to get involved which gets them more active too
  • It overall is a good workout and i can feel it when i get done
What i dislike:
  • the intructor gets on my nerves....she says the same thing over and over and over!
  • that it wants to to weight everyday, i dislike that, but do it b/c i like the stamp on the calender
  • isn't understanding to your weight fluctuating
  • I wish there was an option to where it just did straight 20 minutes of workout and didn't constantly have to keep choosing things.
So, over all i love it. Hope to report in a month i am at my target weight!