Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Vacation

Summer has been great so far. We have had something to do almost everyday...which i know wont last. Especially since the house really needs a day for me to be home to clean it and do laundry. I think the house is feeling a little neglected! Odie the dog too, poor guy has to stay here and deal with the mess!

I have lots of pics i need to get off the camera/cellphone to get posted. I am getting ready to up my workouts...beach in a few weeks. And for some reason i felt as though after 2 kids i should still be able to wear a bikini. So, i bought a new one....only problem was the bottom they didn't have in my size. So i got the size smaller instead of the one that was way too big. So i really need to get working on my booty! We will see. I may have to find some cute shorts to go with my top.

We don't have a whole lot planned for the summer. Beach to visit KK, hopefully some fun playdates to water parks and so on. We are doing the summer reading program again. the library put on some fun programs. We went to a magic show this past monday. Ethan found it to be so fun. He loved it. He was so amazed by it. Brooke was no impressed. She is a little harder to please.

I'll post pics soon! Stay cool! It is getting hot out there.