Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We are getting ready for vacation! Yay! We will be heading to Virginia beach to visit Karen, then New York for 4th of July and then a visit to Pennsylvania to see Alex's dad. So, it might be awhile before you hear from me on here. I can do mobile blogs but they are short. We will see ;o)

We are ready for sometime away and time off of normal day to day life. The kids are very excited about the trip. I am not sure about the long car rides but it'll be fun anyway!

Brooke loving her daddy's b-day cake!

Odie and the new Kitty napping

We got bored one day so we painted rocks

The kids painting

Sprinkler Time!


RodriguezBunch said...

Wow .. you have a lot on your plate. It all sounds fun ... do you have family in new York ?

WolfeFamily said...

yes, alex has some family there that we are going to visit

Anonymous said...

So what is up with all Brooke's photos either having a weird look on her face or it half covered? I can't show off pictures if she looks disfigured! Haha! Love you guys! Can't wait for you to visit! ~Kk