Tuesday, June 8, 2010

VBS and Hubby’s Bday

So this week is vacation bible study week. This is something we have never really done. E-Man went one year with aunt and cousins.  So, this year i decided it might be fun for them to do. I knew E-Man of coarse would handle being dropped off well. And he did. This was Dumplings first time being in a setting like this. And she did amazingly well. If she didn’t want to stay, i wouldn’t have forced it. I would have let her come home. She took right to the teacher there which was great. She stayed. Upon pick up the kids came running out. Dumpling chattered her little head off about all the fun stuff they did and can’t wait to go back. E-Man was a bit grumpy because it was so late (7pm-9pm). This morning though i can report that he is ready to go back too.

So, YAY! The kids had a blast and i am glad. And hey, i got two hours to myself last night with no one else around. And that doesn’t happen to often!!!  Tonight it will be the hubby and I.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I love you and love that i am spending my life with you! Hope your next 30 years are filled with happiness, laughter, and relaxation.


Adrienne said...

Happy happy Birthday to your hubby!