Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wow, has it been awhile! Life just sweeps you away sometime. I have several big things i should blog separately about...but probably won't!

So....one thing was the hubby and i took off on our own vacation. And it was so nice. We rented a cabin in the mountains and had basically 4 days all to ourselves. It was so nice. We visited a wax museum and did some shopping. We went for our 6 year wedding anniversary. That's just crazy...6 years. This August will be 9 years from our first date. It sometimes feels like i have known my hubby forever, but times where i think WOW...it doesn't feel that way. Happy Anniversary to us and i am so happy to have spent these years with him. There is no one else i would want to be with.

And, next, my son graduated kindergarten. It was so cute. He got a diploma and everything. Too bad he can't go get a job! LOL. His teacher had a small party after graduation where they showed a slide show and we had homemade ice cream. Next is first grade! Wow...i can't believe it. And even worse, my baby girl starts a 3 year old morning preschool next year. I told her i was going to cry when i dropped her off. Her response, "mommy i am going to cry to, i will miss you!" My babies are growing up.

So, now its time to entertain these kids for the summer. I am trying to get a lot of things scheduled, so hopefully i will still have my sanity by August 9th!


Adrienne said...

Good luck with the summer entertaining and Happy Anniversary!