Monday, June 7, 2010

Read it forward--June Edition

Its time for Read it Forward brought to you by Foursons and Confessions of a Working Mom.  Below will be a link to click to add your book to the book giveaway of June.

So basically, I post a book here to give away to my fellow book loving bloggers. This friday i will announce the winner using a system at (most likely in my letters of intent post).   As the winner, you will read the book, hopefully enjoy it and then pass it along eventually in your own blog or to a friend. Inside the cover, my name and blog will be placed.

So the book.............

Jennifer Crusie, The Cinderella Deal. She is a FAVORITE author of mine. She is hilarious in her writing. Best way to say it. Basically a comedy romance. I love getting lost in her books, because i feel like i smile the entire time.

Whats it about : (this is taken from amazon)

Daisy Flattery is a free spirit with a soft spot for strays and a weakness for a good story. Why else would she agree to the outrageous charade offered by her buttoned-down workaholic neighbor, Linc Blaise? The history professor needs to have a fiancée in order to capture his dream job, and Daisy is game to play the role. But something funny happens on their way to the altar that changes everything. Now, with the midnight hour approaching, will Daisy lose her prince, or will opposites not only attract but live happily ever after?

So, to enter to win this book, simply leave me a comment. please leave your email adderess if it isn't already linked to your blog account.

Now to add a book to the link up or to even enter more book giveaways, click the read it forward picture below!


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Anonymous said...

I came over from Foursons and I'm following you now. I LOVE Jennifer Crusie!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Blogged over from Fourson's! Sounds like some good reading! I love romantic comedies! Please include me in your Read it Forward! Thanks!

Foursons said...

Romantic comedy? Count me in! Thanks for linking up- I sooo hope I win this one!

Mama4Real said...

Sounds cute! I need cute! Neeeeeeeeed comedy! And who doesn't need romance! :) I'm in!

Ashley T said...

So i tried to comment yesterday and with all the blogger issues it never posted! But I'm here now! Count me in!

Adrienne said...

That looks like a fun book to read...I am reading so much non fiction this month ..I picked it up and need to read it so I am ..