Friday, June 18, 2010

Letters of Intent---to the flies (this one is gross)

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Dear Flies,
You are pests, really! Only now, besides the normal amount of money i spend on bug control, you just cost me $85. You pests ask how? Apparently one of you landed on one of my kitties face at some point. You left your larva on her face. Your nasty larva then climbed into my kitty either through her nose or her mouth. THEN your larva crawled through my kitties body until it found somewhere it liked according to the vet. Then what did you larva do TURN INTO A WORM THAT WAS EATING MY CAR FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!!!!!! Disgusting, absolutly disgusting. My car has a hole in the side of her body the size of a silver dollar! Its got pus and blood and just gross. My cat is going into a depression because she has to wear a cone on her head. She can’t figure out how to sleep with it. She cries all day. Thanks flies! Now everytime i kill you pesky things i won’t feel bad!
one mad kitty mama!


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Heather said...

Oh No!!! That's so gross. I hate flies!

cathyjoy said...

i promise i'm laughin with you - not at you. poor kitty - specially with the cone. my dog had one and he'd bang into the backs of your knees every time he'd follow you up the stairs...what a pain in the ass!

Foursons said...

Ewww! I had no idea that could happen! I hope kitty is OK and she finds some comfort soon.

Thanks for linking up, and now I am about to head out and kill some flies!

Adrienne said...

I am so sorry about your kitty =(

furygirl3132 said...

Poor kitty, hope she's doing OK now. Darn flies are so nasty and dirty, I can't stand them!
I am a new follower from Friday Follow, I look forward to reading more of your adventures! Have a wonderful weekend!


Mystee said...

I'm stopping by from Friday-Follow & am your newest follower.

If you have a chance, I'd love for you to stop by my blog, follow back and take a moment to enter any of the current 4 giveaways {low entries}.

Have a great weekend