Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have a problem

Ok...i admit it. I have a problem. I need to quite biting these darn nails. I have bitten them down to nothing. And i was already blessed with my Gram's finger nails that are freakishly smaller then everyone elses. So, mine bit down, well they look like nothing.  And my nails are very low.

So, i started thinking, when do i bite my nails the most?

Well, i always have bitten my nails. But never as bad as now. Well, it was almost two years ago that i picked reading back up. I love to read and had put it down with kids because it was hard to do when they were young. We are at a place now, i can read and its ok. But, while reading, i bite at my nails the entire time because i have nothing else to do.

Obviously, i am not going to give up reading, but i need to find something to do instead of chewing on my hands. Maybe gum? I have tried the nasty stuff you can paint on, and it is nasty! I would use it, but i rubs off on everything. So eating a cracker and if your finger touches your lips at all, its just nasty.

So, now i have admitted to my problem, i now need to figure out how to get help!


Libby said...

I try to keep mine polished and then I seem to leave them alone because I hate having chipped polish.