Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and hubby's mom, and well to all the moms! Its a day we deserve to all kick our feet up and relax. Which is what i plan to do. I plan to take my book and read all day. I am going to try a new recipe in the crock pot (stuffed peppers, but all chopped up and then put over noodles). Sounds yummy to me...i guess we will find out tonight. Yesterday the kids marched out with the daddy and got me some flowers, a card and then they made some cards. Ethan made those cute tiles at school.

To all the Mama's out there...enjoy a day of hopefully everyone in your life you take care of, shows you how thankful they are. Because really, without mama...would the household really survive? I would like to think not...but thats just me :o)


Adrienne said...

Happy Mother's Day