Friday, May 7, 2010

Embracing Your Second Calling---Review

I recently joined and this was the first book i chose to review for them.  The line on the cover of the book is what drew me into wanting to read this book "Find Passion and Purpose For The Rest of Your Life."

So as i sat down to read this book, i realized it was geared more towards women who are in midlife. Seeing as I am 27 and still  home with two kids ages 3 and 5, i am not quite the reader she was writing towards. Still however, i sat and read the book in the perspective of what i have in the future. With this train of thought, i did in fact learn stuff. I think i learned lessons to remember for the future and things that just might help me through out my life.

One chapter in particular, that i felt like anyone, man or female could really benefit from reading, was Chapter 4--Making Peace With The Past.  The chapter talks about looking at those open wounds you can't put behind you. She uses a friendship of hers from the past that ended. She blamed the friend for it ending. She felt as though she had done no wrong. From making a list that turned out to look just like a list of her whining, she was able to look at each thing she disliked about her friend and things her friend did. She then realized she enabled a lot of these things. In return, she realized that it was just things her friend did, it was her too. And when bringing it up to friends of hers years later, her friend gave her the truth then they felt about it. When at the time the friendship ended, her friends gave her comfort in her hurt instead of how they truly felt.

"If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us." -- Herman Hesse

Overall, i liked the book. It is one for me to defiantly hang on to and read when the kids are grown and on their own. When it is time for me to embrace my second half of life, when the whirlwind of parenting starts to slow down. When i am left figuring out who i am. 

(this book came from It was free, all i had to do was give my opinion on it)


JHS. said...

I was thinking about ordering it to review since I am in the age range to which it pertains. Your discussion of the 4th chapter convinced me to proceed!