Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 years wise

So, i realized the other day, wow has my life changed! It was like a big hit me moment. As i was taking the babysitter home Saturday evening after hubby's and I's date, she was talking about how she couldn't wait to grow up. How she couldn't wait to be older. Then i felt like such the old lady, i said "you think your in a hurry now, but really enjoy this time. The demands of being an adult are nothing like being a teenager." Geez....its like i am wise now. Or at least in my mind.

There are days i would love to go back to being in high school and dealing with those dramas. They do help in getting you ready for life. I guess i never had that bad of drama in school. But, anything i felt then is nothing like now. Even now as a stay at home mom, my problems are generally with kids or the dreaded marital problems. But the stress of life now compared to being 16 really is nothing. The worries on whether or not your best friend is mad at you and starting rumors is nothing compared to bills and the stress of paying a mortgage and having money to buy groceries.

So, 11 years that i have over her. I am 11 years wiser. And while things really were easier at 16, i love my life! :o) However, i do wish i wasn't in such a hurry to grow up sometimes.


heavenisabookstore said...

I think that as you get older, the only thing that REALLY changes is the size of your world. At high school age, it is only as big as you school and home. As you get into college it gets a bit bigger, esp if you travel. But as an adult it is virtually endless. Though I gotta be totally honest, I'm not sure we all make it out of high school personalities. (snicker)