Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time is just flying by!

Wow....lately life just seems to be speeding by. Is there a slow down button somewhere? Each day that passes, these kids get older and do i! And to prove just how fast...i am only on my 6th book to read this month. I have been averaging 10-12. Today i am writing. I am coming to near the end of my book. After that...comes the fun stuff. LOL. I also have started a book club with a friend so that has been taking up some time too. Getting the group organized and so on.

Ethan has a soccer game almost every day now to make up for all the rain we have had. The boy is getting too smart. Currently, he is picking picture out of a magazine, glueing to a piece of paper. Then he draws a line from the features such as eyes and so on. Sounds it out and writes it. THEN turn the page over and writes a sentence!!!! Geez! He is also doing math! He is awesome at it. The teacher can write a probelm such as 5 + 4 = and he knows! The kids is 5 and probably already smarter then me. His class is up to about 50 site words now. He has also been into chapter books lately. No, he isn't readying those yet, but probably before long. He liked to read a chapter or 2 a night with me. And he doesn't mind they don't really have pictures.

Brooklynn is getting to big also. I can't belive we are less then 60 days before she is turning 3. This just blows me away! When did she get to be so big? Did i miss something. Its like i was telling a friend the other day. I get excited by each milestone and age Ethan hits. I guess b/c he is the first. Its exciting that he turns 5. But i guess with Brooke being the baby its like, slow down! Dont turn 3 yet! Brooke has been a handful lately. I think 3 is going to be a tough age with her. She has been very defiante latly. She is really pushing buttons and seeing what she can get away with it. Ethan is getting better in public now and walks with us. She is just going crazy with the new freedom of getting to walk in the stores some more. I actually lost her in walmart the other day! I thought she was standing next to me in toys, i look over and she is gone. I go to the next aisle, she isn't there. I should have known though she went one more aisle over to DORA! It did scare me for a moment though.

And Alex...what has he been doing? the same! lol. Working like crazy. He did clean the cushions yesterday. He took them all apart and washed them then restuffed them all. saturday brooke and i are going to a little girls party and Alex and Ethan are going to Funopolis to play putt putt and whatever else.

Will get some pics of soon!