Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brooklynn got in trouble at school!

This morning I was taking care of a few of my duties at Brooklynn's school when her teacher came to me and told me that Brooklynn is finally coming out of her shell. For those that didn't know and as shocking as this is to those that know Brooke, she didn't talk at school. She didn't talk to the teacher or other kids. She had one friend that she would only play with. She was getting hit some at school and she wouldn't tell anyone. So, I have been working with her about talking to the other kids and the teacher. Brooke always said she felt a lump in her throat when she wanted to talk. So, we worked on it. Her teacher said this week Brooklynn has really come out of her shell which made me feel good. We have been talking about this for awhile so I am glad that she is finally feeling confidant enough to start talking. The teacher then told me that she even had to get onto Brooklynn once for being too loud. I began laughing and told her she didn't know how good that made me feel. Which I know for anyone who knows her, we know just how loud she is. The teacher said she had told other teachers that her class had been so wild she even had to get onto Brooke and the other teachers couldn't believe this little mute kid of mine got into trouble. So, February 8th 2011 will have to be a day to remember, Brooklynn got into trouble at school. I think somewhere I have Ethan's first bad note home from his first school, who would have known it would have been one of many! LOL. :o)


MandyM said...

haha!! I love it! I saved Katey's first bad note too! She was always the small quite one around other kids, (just like Brooke), but now she's COMPLETELY out of her shell! Congratulations to little Ms. Brooke, and you! :)