Monday, July 12, 2010

Where did the Wolfe's go????

Still here, still blogging, just been concentrating on my book blog and kinda slacked here. However, i am having the luck i wanted. Publishers are contacting me for reviews....FREE BOOKS!  I reviewed one last week for an upcoming author and that was just cool!

What have we been doing? TRYING TO STAY COOL! We haven't done as much fun stuff this summer as i had hoped. We can't even go outside for 5 minutes during the day. Then by the time we can in the evening, the bugs are out ready to eat us. Blah! So, we have been inside. E-man has made quite the progress on his wii games! There are some days, there isn't much else he does.  We do take the time to do some school work. Which is rounding the corner! YAY! August 9th he will start 1st grade. We are also preparing for his birthday party. What is the theme? None other then STARWARS! I am lost. No clue. Anyone know if there might be a star wars for dummies book out there?  I just don't get it.

I took some great pictures the other day. I gotta get them on here. The kids faces are priceless. I just switched computers, so i don't have all my stuff over here yet. My laptop was getting ready to say its final fair well. So now  i am onto my hubbys old laptop.

So yup, we are still here. This week we have an extra kiddo. I thought it would be nice for E-man to have a friend for a few days. So, now i have two star war nerds. And Dumpling is busy with baby dolls. She currently has several children. One baby is headed to the doctors right now and i was just scolded for leaving the bottle in the one i am babysitting's mouth for too long. Oy! Dumpling starts school Aug 16. She will go Mon-Wed from 8:00am-11:30am. I am looking forward to two mornings to myself and one morning with just the hubby.

That's all for now.....will post some pics soon. I am off to babysitting duty. Baby Starsong needs a diaper changing :o)