Friday, July 2, 2010

Letter of Intent

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Its Friday and it means its time for some letters. Click the picture above to visit Julie over at Foursons and link up your letters!

Dear Kids,
Are you bipolar? For 3 days i wanted to literally run away! I wanted to leave this house screaming and never look back. You mouthed off, you fought with me and each other. You had crazy temper tantrums. You were just evil little creatures. Then for 2 days, you were completely different. You played with one another like you had not seen one another in  years. You laughed, you shared, you compromised, you listened. It was amazing and i loved it. I could actually have fun with you. And my stress level went way down and being a stay at home mama was fun again. TODAY.....we seem to be in the middle. We have been up an hour with one small fight, one compromise, one small tantrum that you calmed down quickly too. Maybe i just need more coffee! Either way.........39 days until school for E-man and add 7 to that for Dumpling to start her 3 year morning program 3 days. This mama is ready!



Dear BFF girls friends!

Eclipse tonight! Woooooo hoooo!!! I am SOOOOOOOO ready!!! Girl time and no kids,  wow is this week just getting better and better!

the mama who is so ready to break out!


Amy said...

YAY for girls night! It is such good therapy!

I think the same thing about Lula Mae! Don't worry they aren't bipolar.... just kids! LOL Happy Friday!

Foursons said...

My kids are like that too, it's no wonder the pharmaceutical companies make so much money on crazy pills. Look what our kids do to us!

Thanks for linking up and enjoy Eclipse!

Ashley T said...

Can't wait to hear how the movie is!

Rachel said...

Crazy how opposite some days can be, right? I cant believe I have the same kid from one day to the next sometimes, ha ha.

Hope the rest of summer is filled with the HAPPY days! :)