Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekly Happenings

13 days until its time for school and to start getting back up early! Blah...not looking forward to that, kinda looking forward to school. However, the summer of stress now isn't too bad. Its like 2 months later, we finally fell into a groove of sleeping in, getting along and so on.

Last week was quite the week. Upon picking up Dumpling we went to visit there aunt and uncle for a little bit. E-Man stayed over for a fews days. So it was just Dumpling and I until E-man returned tuesday, with one of his older cousins. Thursday we packed up in the car and headed to a water park. I have to tell ya, Dumpling if she would just not get stiff when floating, would be swimming all over. She feels comfortable in the water. She will hold onto me and gladly float up and start kicking. E-Man stiffens up, though he is somewhat comfortable. He has mastered going under water. He thinks that is just so cool. Though, no opening of eyes yet.

Then Friday, E-Man left for Nana and Papa's for his weekend. He went fishing! Pictures will be below. And he returned home with the wii game he has been dieing to get his hands on. Star Wars the Force Unleashed. I am starting to get Star Wars figured out.

This weekend his his birthday party! Whoooo! Its going to be at chuck e cheese and its going to be FUN!

I caught a FISH!

This one was the biggest and he needed a net!

the end result! 8 fish total. The biggest was caught by Ethan!

Have a great week!