Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Post 200 and Snow

Wow, its post 200. yikes! I probably would have been here faster, but i have been dealing with personal stuff. We are all here and hanging in. There has been some excitement from Grayson being born and snow in GA! I suppose its about time for an update, huh! Last thursday Feb 11th, Grayson entered the world and man is he adorable. He seems to be a pretty good baby and look forward to being his aunt. Then Friday, it snowed. And it was finally our turn. We had about 5 inches! And since this is GA, by 3:00 pm saturday, just about all the beautiful white stuff was gone and you were left with an ugly mud mess! I will post a better update soon. I am suffering from sinus crap! blah. Hopefully tomorrow i can post about Ethan's conferance today. Enjoy the pics

its starting to snow!

Ethan loved to eat the snow!

Odie loves the snow too


YAY! its the next day and there is still snow

Snow Angel time!

Lots of beautiful snow!