Sunday, February 7, 2010


I have been trying to figure out the camera on my new phone.  Its suppose to be an excellent camera. And i am sure it is, however it is very complicated. So, some of these pictures may be a bit dark. But, i am learning. Hopefully soon i will have the new camera down! So bear with me with any bad pictures. I have found a mode i like on the camera for inside pics and that is putting it on "intelligent". there are several modes. Even one that is a facial makeover when you take a picture. Enjoy the pics.

Brooke making a funny face like usual. She has been a great sport letting me test the camera on her.

Getting ready to go shopping. Outside picture looks really good.

New balloons

Ethan being a silly dude

another one of this handsome dude.

bowling! This is using natural light and putting the camera on intelligant mode. it seems to take the best pics this way

modeling for mommy again

Is it my turn yet mommy?!

almost a strike!

I am gonna get a strike mommy!!!