Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grayson has graced the world!

Whew....gotta get this blog all update! Grayson joined the Wolfe family on Feb. 11 2010 around 3:30 in the afternoon. He seems to be a really good baby (at least the two times i have seen him). He is adorable, that is for sure. And seems to have my husband wanting baby number 3! ***eyes are rolling***. Ha ha Alex! Then again, a few weeks ago i wanted number 3. As long as we stay not wanting a 3rd at the same time, we will be fine. So anyway, this handsome guy here is completly adorable. Brooklynn feel inlove with him and also seems to think mommy should give her one. What is with these people, lol. Ethan however, wanted nothing to do with his new cousin and just cared that Uncle Tom knew he still existed. He has however said that once Grayson gets to be as big as Kainan, then he will  hold him! Speaking of Kainan...that handsome guy is 4 months today! They grow up way to fast! So...Karen....hang on to that baby stuff...because Brooke was alex's idea and we know how persuassive he can be, lol.

Do you see the look on his face?! Its that baby fever

Do you see the look on hers too? More baby fever!

Does this look like the face of someone who wants another one?

This is the face who says "NO MORE MOMMY!"


Anonymous said...

I know it's hilarious! I'm getting texts from Alex saying, "your son texted me and said he wanted to come spend the weekend with me!" WHAT??? That's not my brother, he'd never say that!!! Too funny! Can't wait to get to see you guys again! Miss you!!! ~Kk