Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brooklynn got in trouble at school!

This morning I was taking care of a few of my duties at Brooklynn's school when her teacher came to me and told me that Brooklynn is finally coming out of her shell. For those that didn't know and as shocking as this is to those that know Brooke, she didn't talk at school. She didn't talk to the teacher or other kids. She had one friend that she would only play with. She was getting hit some at school and she wouldn't tell anyone. So, I have been working with her about talking to the other kids and the teacher. Brooke always said she felt a lump in her throat when she wanted to talk. So, we worked on it. Her teacher said this week Brooklynn has really come out of her shell which made me feel good. We have been talking about this for awhile so I am glad that she is finally feeling confidant enough to start talking. The teacher then told me that she even had to get onto Brooklynn once for being too loud. I began laughing and told her she didn't know how good that made me feel. Which I know for anyone who knows her, we know just how loud she is. The teacher said she had told other teachers that her class had been so wild she even had to get onto Brooke and the other teachers couldn't believe this little mute kid of mine got into trouble. So, February 8th 2011 will have to be a day to remember, Brooklynn got into trouble at school. I think somewhere I have Ethan's first bad note home from his first school, who would have known it would have been one of many! LOL. :o)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Was Dentist Week!

Back to reality. I finished my days of volunteering and functioning too early in the morning. I ended up not volunteering on Tuesday; kids had a 10am dentist appointment. I think the three of us worked well in the morning as far as getting out the door on time. Monday however I forgot my breakfast and left my coffee. So apparently I can survive without morning coffee, however I never want to do it again.

Tuesday was the dentist.The kids did great. They were in adjoining rooms together. I gave Brooke a kiss and said I would see her when she was done. She has always been great at it. She has been doing the "big kid" fluoride treatments with the foam cups in her mouth since she was 2. She gets her x-rays; no problems with her. She just smiles. I went into the next room with Ethan. He hates the dentist. We had one small melt down right before she went to brush/clean his teeth. We were able to talk him down fairly quickly and after that, it went like a breeze. Thankfully he did x-rays last time. He finally did the "big kid" fluoride. He usually still had it painted on and that is where it tasted nasty. He said the big kid cups tasted much better and was easier. So, hopefully in August things will go smoothly. I am just glad he has graduated from the "room" they used to take him in. For those that don't know, Ethan used to have to go into a room in the very back of the building with a closed door. There was then a door at the end of that hallway, and yet another before the waiting room, and yes you could hear him scream while in the waiting room. I would sit there in panic wanting to go to him, but knowing it would make it worse if I went in there. Thankfully, we have finally moved past this.  So, happy to report no cavities. Ethan's teeth are wiggly. No 6 yr molars yet. We can see Brooke's molars in the x-rays already. Ethan has got to stop sucking his thumb by 7 or else he is going to have to have a mouth piece installed. His plate has really moved in the past 6 months.  He is doing better, so we just have to keep doing better.

So, that's been our week. So glad its Thursday. I plan to stay in my PJ's all day and go no where. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"My" Pets

I have yet to blog about either of these events, but last November I lost Lacey, my cat of 10 years. I raised her from a week old. She was a spoiled rotten cat, who I don't think ever figured out she was a cat. In most ways it was a shock in November when I took her to the vet for a routine check up and she died during it.I like to think it was unexpected, but looking back now, I think we knew she was sick, however Lacey did her best to hide it from us. I had no idea she was suffocating from a tumor in her throat until that day when I picked her up and knew she couldn't breath. I remember thinking, I will get her to the vet and she will be ok. Of coarse that wasn't true. It turned out Lacey had been suffering for quite some time from this tumor and cancer. It was a shock to knew my cat had cancer and we never knew. The vet was amazed Lacey was still alive and I know she loved all of us that much that she just didn't want to leave us. She suffered through it. There will never be another like Lacey.

This Saturday will be 3weeks, since we lost Odie who was 14 yrs old. We didn't have him his entire life, he lived with my mother in law. We had him for 2 1/2 years. We finally had to make the decision to put him down. He had no bowel control any longer and I knew he wasn't happy. He had to be bathed all the time from the loss of his bowels and he would just cry. He no longer loved taking a bath, which was something he always loved. It was a tough, very tough decision, even now I doubt it, but in the end I know it was right to have him put down. He is no longer suffering, but man do I miss that guy. I must admit, I really had not looked at his pictures or even Lacey's since they have passed. However, facebook popped up a picture of Odie today,  I had a short cry, but I know it will be ok. I never knew I would love and miss him the way I do, especially being a cat person. I don't think I am going to run out and get a new dog anytime soon. But, I think one day, in the far future, a dog will once again warm my heart in this house.

Lacey and Odie, "my" pets, we all miss you both very much. Tigger, you too! The three of you were awesome pets. See ya in the future.